[ELEPHANT MONEY] Minting Trunk Vs Buying Trunk

[ELEPHANT MONEY] Minting Trunk Vs Buying Trunk

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How to Join My Stampede Airdrop Team
The benefit of joining my team.

  • You will receive 0.5% bonus on your deposits and rolls. You will need to bond MINIMUM 101 Trunk bonded in Stampede
  • You will get the chance to win weekly airdrops.
    You will need minimum $200 in BUSD and 0.1 BNB on Binance Smart Chain in your Metamask wallet to get started.
    Visit https://crypto618.one/ and signup. It's FREE. You will receive newsletter and announcements on AIRDROPS.
    Visit https://elephant.money/trunk.html
    Connect Metamask Wallet on Binance Smart Chain Network
    In the Reserve section select the Mint tab
    Click the "BUSD disabled" toggle button and confirm with Metamask. This will enable the button.
    Enter the amount you want to mint. (You will need minimum 101 Trunk)
    Click Mint. Confirm with Metamask.
    Scroll down to the The Herd: A Partner Network section
    Click the Partner tab
    Enter my partner address 0x8CFa9A9093886575C37DEcBE29FC040Ff2fa27d7
    Click Update.
    Scroll to Stampede Perpetual Bonds section
    Click Bond tab
    Click the "Stampede disabled" toggle button and confirm with Metamask. This will enable the button.
    Enter the amount of Trunk you want to Bond (You will need to bond minimum 101 Trunk)
    Click Bond. Confirm with Metamask.
    Select the Overview tab and see your money grow at 0.56% daily

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